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Still, Still, Still...the moment Ezra sat still

I have posted before about the importance of Walter's Barber Shop,
so I won't rehash the sentimentality of this place.
During our Christmas visit to Alexandria, Ezra experienced his first visit to the shop...and what a memory it was! Ezra actually did a decent job of sitting still, but Rebekah was slightly out of breath and sweating after she finished cutting his hair! You go girl!!!

daddy exemplifying how to sit still...
notice Ezra's diligence in learning how to SIT STILL!

The above picture was taken so I could post it in my home and remember the
moment that Ezra David Brumbaugh actually sat still.

This is my favorite picture from the event!
I just love that you can see some of his hair cut and uncut along his neckline,
I love that you can see his little face in the mirror,
I love that he is sitting on Mark's lap,
and I REALLY love his little tongue sticking out of his mouth as he looks at himself!
He has so much personality and keeps me laughing all the time

the extra special treat they give to all their customers...old and young:)

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