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Summer Cuts

Mark decided it was time for the boys annual summer buzz haircuts. They both did well and although it took a bit longer...we managed to get both boys buzzed with straight lines along the back of their neck's (anyone with little boys knows how amazing this feat truly is!).
These pics were stolen from my friend Nina's facebook. the boys spent last Thursday at Aunt Nina's house (and as Titus so often reminds me...Uncle Michael is not there he is working). They enjoyed the day filled with investigating all sorts of new outlets and knick-knacks. These pics were taken during lunch time...

pb&j in one hand...a pretzel stick in the other.
What more could a 15 month old boy ask for!

notie the PB smeared on each side of his face
from eating right down the middle of his sandwich!

this is just a fun goofy shot that I feel captures one of this little guys favorite tricks. Ezra has a very high roof in his mouth...and he LOVES to stick food up there and save it for later. This picture caught him in the act...if you look closely you can see his PB&J squeezed up in the roof of his mouth. No joke...I could write quite a lengthy post about what I have found in the roof of this boys mouth....and even worse...how long he has kept those things hidden in there!!!


Beth said...

they are so cute. I can't wait to see them soon!

cadovius said...

These photos are going to make me cry...Ezra has changed sooo much...time is going by WAY too fast...I miss you bunches!

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