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For anyone who is interested in getting a zoo membership or botanical gardens membership for the Norfolk area, I would like to pass along this great deal that was passed on to me. It may seem a little strange, but it works and you can even contact the Norfolk zoo to double check if you want. If you go to this website www.aviary.org and buy your membership to the Pittsburgh Bird place...you will automatically get a year long membership to the Norfolk Zoo as well as the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. There are tons of other Zoos and Gardens that are accepting this pass as well...so those of you who are not from this area may want to check the complete list to see if the zoos/gardens in your area are accepting it!

I was looking forward to getting a membership somewhere this summer...but I couldn't decide between the zoo or the gardens. Both have fun kiddy places...and I LOVE beautiful gardens...so this pass solved the problem! Both places for the price of one (thanks, Dad and Mom)!

Beth Stamper - I checked and there are several Minnesota zoos and gardens that are accepting this pass...but I wasn't sure which ones were close to you! But...it may be worth chekcing into!


Beth said...

thanks, Anne. Have you ever "checked out" a pass at your library?

Shyla said...

hey girl! sadly we don't have this in our area, but what a great deal if you do!!

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