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Anyone ever had a compost bin?

I must admit that the thought of one of these made my stomach turn until my cousin peaked my interest last summer. She was living in an apartment with a toddler and a newborn and had managed to begin and maintain one of these bins for under $5.00! If she could do it and rave about it...I could try it!

So, my research began and I have been so pleasantly surprised at the ease and "green" feeling this little bin has created for me...and my ever watching and questioning toddlers!

We here in Va Beach are blessed with sandy soil...and my little garden patch soil doesn't disappoint. Therefore, throughout the winter I have been embarking on my very own self contained compost bin. This has been such a fun undertaking and I have learned so much about how to balance the contents so as to keep the decomposing process odorless. I paid a whopping $4.95 for the container and the rest has been simple and free! If there is interest in this process...I will post the simple steps to beginning and maintaining a bin...so let me know.

However, my organic compost is not quite ready to use. So, Wesley Davey has promised to bring me some "fruits of the Davey horse farm" to bulk up the nutrients of my soil. What he doesn't know is that I am going to ask him to spread it for me:)


TwoMuths said...

I would love to learn the steps. My garden needs compost!! :-)

Beth said...

my "garden" (the one i'm dreaming about starting again) needs me home during the summer to water it! (not going to happen with all the weeks of camp lined up! sad... happy composting.

p.s. grandma Carol ALWAYS had a nasty little can of food scraps right beside the sink. It was interesting! their garden was AWESOME. where do you keep your bin?

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