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Whew! What a day. Today was my last day of working at Mount Pleasant Veterinary Clinic and it was a busy and wonderful day. I came home exhausted and just finished putting the boys to bed...needless to say, the last thing I wanted to do was blog. However, something so moved me tonight as I tucked the boys in their little beds that I am just bubbling with excitement to share with you all.
As was mentioned earlier on this blog, Mark and I are taking the FPU class at Cornerstone Bible Church this semester on Sunday evenings. While we are in our class, they have some great activities in place to allow the kiddos to play and learn. Titus received this book

the first week we attended and I must say that it is an amazing little resource for small and big people alike! Every time Titus sees this little yellow book he wants me to read it to him.

The first chapter is about God and this is what the first question/answer is
1. Who made you?
God Genesis 1:27
We had been working on this one for several days when all of a sudden the book went MIA. I was so bummed, but decided to bite my pride and ask for another booklet last night. Thankfully, they had an extra, so tonight as I laid him down I pulled out the little yellow book. Titus was so excited and just kept talking about "my little book....my little book..." so I sat down next to the bed and asked him who made him...God was his response. (you cannot understand the joy of hearing a little one express these truths until it is YOUR little one expressing these truths in their sweet innocent voices with their funny little speech quirks)
But, when I proceeded to teach/explain the next question...My heart was flooded with emotions of which I cannot quite explain.
#2 Why did God make you?
Titus looked at me and responded...to Gworify Him and ENDOY Him!
I Corintians 10:31


We truly are enjoying being a part of the FPU class with the Body of Christ at Cornerstone...but my heart has been so encouraged by what they are doing and teaching the young ones under their care. Never underestimate the power of scripture and the ability for young ones to learn it! If they can learn the Elmo song word for word...why do we expect any less when it comes to scriptural/theological truths! What are we valuing and pursuing in our homes?
May you be encouraged today to share God's word with little ones...in every opportunity possible!

May the Word of Christ dwell in me richly and ooze out of my every word and action as I train these young ones.


Katie Barker said...

Thanks for posting: it was good!

TwoMuths said...

you are so right! I love hearing Aaron express things that are true about God. Today, he was singing "I Sing The Mighty Power of God" and like you said, your heart just overflows. Praise the LORD!

That book looks like a good one! I'll have to check around. Thanks for the recommendation!

TwoMuths said...

ps - would you mind linking this at Works of God Monday on our blog? I think it would encourage many! :-)

caleb and carmen said...

i know what you mean! the first time we heard cole say that, i melted too. this weeks melt time was he was telling us about abraham "there was no baby, and there was no baby, then there was a BBBBAAAAAAABBBBBBYYYYYY!" but what makes me tear up every time is when he starts talking about Jesus dying on the cross for sins. About His boo boos and about His scars, then about "him not dead anymore!!!" Just LOVE it. It gives me hope that my prayers of him understanding Truth are going to be answered. thanks for sharing, anne! we love having you with us at cornerstone! :)

Bonnie said...

This made me tear up. How sweet!

Nate, Kris, Adrianna and Natalie said...

We just love this little book - what a treasure! Adrianna calls it her verses and reads the questions and answers herself, getting many mixed up, of course. The other day when I asked her why God made her, she said, "To go to WalMart." Okay, so we're working on it. Sounds like your class is so much fun! I've heard great things from Sue and Jordan too! Thanks for sharing!

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