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Economic Stimulus Coupon!

I don't know about anybody else, but Mark and I are enjoying all of the extra sales and savings we are getting during this economic "crunch" time. Businesses are going out of their way to get business...especially cash business...so you can only imagine how much fun it has been to take advantage of all the deals. Of course, only the deals that are in the budget are game for us...but truly...we have been amazed! Today's big deal is the Free Quizno's Sub being offered...of course they are hoping for us to go in and buy more than just the free sub...but we have only a few dollars left in the food envelope...so I can guarantee you they won't be getting anything more out of us than a free date! Okay...maybe a few cents for tax...but we will take our own drinks since the corner gas station is offering their 32oz. fountain drinks for $.42...again hoping for more business... So, for anybody else out there looking for a FREE (or very very cheap)DATE...here ya go!
ps...is anybody else finding killer deals these days? I am in no way happy that many people are discouraged with their portfolios...but this is a bright side! Another place to seek amazing deals is the grocery stores...they are practically giving away food in order to get your business...so don't be lazy...it really isn't hard to get great deals right now...have some "gazelle" fun! ;)


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Thanks Anne for the info...I just went on there and am about to go print my free sub coupon!! I am excited! I was planning on cooking tonight, but now I may not! Please pass on any more good deals/free things that you are aware of. You are so good at finding these things!

Beth said...

We did this today! :) thanks so much! how did you hear about this?

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