Everyday Life

November Catch-up

Thanksgiving day in DC with
Mom and Dad Z.,
Jason and Bonnie Sanders
(my sis and bro-in-law),
and us.

just too cute to pass up!
He was so exhausted that he fell asleep in between bites!

And people think that Mark is reserved!
(playing Guitar hero at Bonnie and Jason's)

Our yummy T-Day meal! Deep Fried Turkey is AMAZING!

Titus Turned 2 on November 16th. This shot was taken on his very first Sunday in his new Sunday School class. Those of you who know Titus, know how much he HATES his picture being taken, so this shot was snatched while he was sitting on the potty...he had no where to run! But his facial expression shows what he was thinking...."mom, on the outside I am looking at the camera, but on the inside............:):)"


Bonnie said...

LOVE the pics of Titus & Ezra....the one of T is hilarious!!!

The Stamper Story said...

GREAT pictures! nice fam pic- I was there!!! ha ha I remember waiting for that shot on skype, right? Mark's face is hilarious. sweet pic of Ezra and Titus on the potty is so cute! I love them all!

akhughes said...

titus' pic is so handsome - he looks a lot like his daddy there!
looks like a fun holiday!

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