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Tonight, Titus decided to give the "Gazelle" a try. he actually was quite good at it...and I have decided to use it as a means to getting his extra energy out! That is, until I sell it....(thanks special person for thinking of me....you know who you are:)

Train up a child in the way he should go.....we all are familiar with that passage of scripture.... Can anyone figure out what I am training Titus to do??

if you guessed potty training....you guessed wrong....he did that on his own, but if you know me well...you probably realized what is in his hands. Yes indeed folks. The sale paper from the local grocery store. He LOVES to look at them. I should have taken a video of this, but it was so quick that all I could do was snap a shot. But if it were in video format hear is what you would hear (the sound of tinkle in the background:)... "Ezra Daaaavid, chips, cheese, crackers, juice....." I often show Titus the paper and tell him what good things are on sale that given week....and so, before heading to the potty tonight, Titus grabbed the paper and began passing on the tradition. How cute is that!!
Side note...it is very important to involve your kids in finances at an early age! So, be creative and teach them how to give, save, and spend wisely! I, of course, recommend Financial Peace Jr. which will be on sale soon for only $5.00 (the perfect Christmas gift for any kiddos you know!). There are also free stories and activities which are geared to acclimate kids to financial principles at Junior's Clubhouse. So, start young!!


skB said...

that is such a great picture! Too funny!

I need to call you. . .I have a funny story that you would appreciate:)

Speck of Va said...

It reminds me of my own caleb, he use to check out the sale papers and let us know what we needed, also on the way to the grocery store he would make a list of all we needed, even when he could barely write! how special little boys are!

Bonnie said...

I love that the paper is upside-down! That boy is such a little Anne! Love you all!

The Stamper Story said...

soooo..... that would make a good gift for some little people in you life.... hmmmm... :)

Mark and Stephanie Stonis said...

Cute pic! Victoria loves tehe gazelle too :) Where did you find out about the Financial Peace Jr. for $5? Do you know when that starts--I would like to get it for Victoria's b-day!

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