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Hair Care

Before the torturous haircut

Thankfully I have no daughters, yet. The haircare required for children is no easy task. I have always had such a strong desire to have my kiddos hair presentable and when God blessed me with Titus and Ezra...I was relieved to know that pony tails, braids, and curls would not have to be part of my daily routine. However, Titus' hair is truly special needs hair...and anyone who has tried to fix it will agree with me. This last July, we buzzed is super short...short enough that I haven't had to cut it since...until last night.
It was so shaggy and unkept looking, so I decided to take matters into my own hand and chop away...because don't think for one minute that I am going to pay for someone else to cut my kid's hair! Anyway...here is the result. Not too bad...but I did lose a little bit of ground in my sanctification process as I tried to snip carefully with kitchen scissors while Titus screamed and acted as though I was performing brain surgery!
The finished product...
and yes, it actually stayed like this for 2 full minutes!

Every morning is a new challenge:)
( this pic makes me giggle due to the fact that it looks as if
Ezra is a little scared by what he sees in the mirror!)


TwoMuths said...

oh, yeah. Home hair cuts. I'm feeling your pain. It makes it a little easier when Aaron sees Michael get a haircut first and then it's "his turn" if that little hint helps at all.

"Don't think for one minute that I'm paying someone else to cut my kid's hair" That about sums it up. LOL.

Bonnie said...

Haircuts or no haircuts, they are positively adorable! T looks so adorable in his "goggie & froggie" pajamas!

mom and dad said...

CUTE KIDS!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the post Anne.

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