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Ezra David Brumbaugh

Ezra David Brumbaugh

Ezra getting ready to go home

Anne and Mark ready to head home!

Titus did warm up a little to Ezra...but only for a minute!

Ezra made his grand arrival Tuesday night January 29, 2008 at 10:56pm. He weighed and measured exactly the same at Titus did 14 months ago...8lbs. 9oz 22" long. His birth was short sweet and to the point and we are thrilled that God ordained it to go as He did. We were concerned that Anne would not make it to the hospital...and had God not given us the discernment to leave when we did...things may have been interesting. Titus is not really adjusting at this point since he is chillin' with his Aunt bonnie and Uncle Jason for a few days in Northern Va, but for the short time he saw him Titus seemed only a little bit interested in Ezra.
Here is the run down of the birth story, but for more details...ask Anne and she can fill in the gaps!
Sunday night: Mark takes Anne to the mall to walk walk walk...she had good contractions, but it ended up that Ezra wasn't ready to be born.
Monday: Anne goes to her 39 week appt and finds out that she is 4cm dilated...but not in any labor. She is ticked and spends the day gardening...walking up and down stairs...bouncing on her pilates ball...and walking walking walking.
Tuesday: Anne feels great...she does have some pain in her abdomen...but continues to busy herself with physical activity...she raked the backyard (twice) taught her voice lessons...continued bouncing and walking up and down the stairs quickly...and decided that even though her abdomen hurt...she wasn't in any labor.
7:00pm Tuesday night: Anne called Mark and told him to come home because she was in some pain and needed help with Titus.
7:45 take Titus to Nina's house (Anne was still worried that she was not in labor...just being "wimpy")
9:00 arrive at hospital and they monitored Anne to verify that she was in active labor.
9:40 took anne off all machines and let her move around...she doesn't like to be confined to the bed during labor...During the next hour Anne's contractions got stronger and closer and she asked them to check her again at 10:45pm.
10:45 checked her again and she was still 5cm...water broke and 4 contractions later...
10:56 Ezra born...those last 10 minutes were intense...but we were so thankful that her water didn't break any sooner!! Ezra literally flew out of Anne and we were all a little stunned by his speedy delivery!
We came home wednesday night and have been enjoying the adjustment to a new baby. so far, Ezra is sleeping great at night and eating well. He is jaundiced a little, so he is being treated at home with what they call a "billy light" in layman's terms it is basically a baby sized tanning bed! So, please pray his treatment is successful at home and that we don't have to admit him back into the hospital for further treatments.
Mamma Z is here until next Wednesday and then Mamma B is coming to help out for a few days. Anne is doing and feeling great...but trying to remember to take it easy and accept all the help she can get over the next 2 weeks.


S&s said...

yeah!! Thank you for posting pictures of Mr. Ezra! He is a cutie!!! Hope that Titus adjusts to having a younger brother;) Hope you guys are doing well--I want to bring dinner--let me know when a good night would be to do so. . .even if it's after your moms leave.

Abby Sokul Turner said...

Congrats!!! Praying for Titus to make the adjustment soon!

Busch family said...

Congratulations!! Annie, you look great! :) I'm so thankful that your delivery went well. We'll be praying for you all as you make these adjustments. :)

Kelly Glupker said...


Beth said...

Praise the Lord! Every birth story is so exciting and new. It's amazing. We're thrilled for you guys. Love you!!! xoxoxox

sc3b said...

Congrats!! So glad to see the pictures! We will be praying for you and that Ezra will overcome the jaundice soon. Right now I'm waiting for Amy & Justin to arrive (Brennan went & got gas for the snowmobile so he & Justin can bum around!!) Can't wait to see you sometime ~ hopefully July!

Katie Barker said...

Congrats! Yay for your little family of 4!! I hope you do rest while there are so many helpers around. Glad the day went so well. You look great.

Kristin said...

Congratulations!! Let us know if you need ANYTHING!! We don;t live that far away.

Isaac's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mark and Anne:
Congratulations! I saw the beautiful pictures at church today from Grandpa Z. He is so proud of you both and Ezra is absolutely adorable. It's nice to have a fast delivery, sounds just like mine with Nathan. God is so good to us to be able to follow His plan and not ours. Looking forward to seeing you all in the near future and I will pray for Titus to adjust to him as well. Don't worry he will and then they will be best buds!


Don & Katrina Hines said...

That's awesome Anne! We are so thrilled for you and Mark! Congrats on an quick and fairly easy delivery! You're my hero! I'll have to chat with you to get some tips on how to do that! =) Tee hee! I know, I know, it's not quite up to me.

Enjoy this time of pampering from the Grandma's!

akhughes said...

I am so glad to hear of Exra's smooth arrival! It's hard to believe you're the parents of 2 now! we will continue to pray for you guys!

Tim & Kristen said...

Congrats!!! We are very excited for you. Glad everything went well!!

TheEvjes said...

Congrats on new baby Ezra! Wish we loved closer so I could stop by and bring dinner. I am sure Bonnie is enjoying Titus for a couple of days. Praise the Lord for your quick delivery! Talk to you later!

rachel nadeau said...

Ezra is beautiful!! Hope you guys are adjusting well and look forward to hearing about everything (and maybe getting a few tips on having two). Love you!!

T.J. and Shannon said...

Congrats on your new arrival! Praise the Lord all went well for his birth and delivery!

WILD GHESE said...

congratulations. Wow! what a story! So is Titus warming up to his little brother?

WILD GHESE said...

looks like he has feet like Keane!

Cabin Fever said...

Congratulations, Praising God with you. You all look beautiful and we miss you.
Hugs, Hugs, Hugs-
Aria (one of our grandchildren) also had the light and then was fine.
Much love to you all,
Pam and John

Opitz Family said...

CONGRATS Annie & Mark!!

2 is such a blessing and how fun to have "brothers". I am so excited for you as your family expands :) Now lets get on my sis' Bonnie (yes you) to get the ball rolling!!

Email me, I'd love to catch up & I just found the post you left me back in December. I need to find that book you mentioned!!


jess said...

He's so handsome!! So good to see you guys on Saturday

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