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Christmas 2007

I know it has been so long since I updated my blog, but I have been trying to use each minute of each day to the fullest...and that has meant cutting out lots of Blog time. So, here is a quick update via pictures...my favorite way to read!!:)
Okay...I have been trying to get some pictures uploaded for the last 2 hours...and it is just not happening. So, Let me fill you in on what the pictures are about...and then later tonight I will post the pictures.

The first pic. will be of our Christmas Tree...actually the WhitBaugh Christmas tree. I didn't want to put up a tree this year for fear of creating a great discipline issue each and every day. My dear friend Nina told me there were going to be going out of town and wondered if I wanted to use their fully decorated tree for the week of Christmas. So, Friday night before Christmas Mark and Michael brought the fully decorated tree from Nina's living room into my living room...and they didn't break a single ornament! We enjoyed the tree and then I undecorated it for Nina and gave her the ornaments back when they arrived back into town. We decided that we would add this little "event" into the "We were so poor in seminary that we...."stories for later enjoyment. Like the story about dumpster diving for bread...we were so poor in seminary that we ate bread from the dumpster...right Nina:)

Pic #2 is also of the tree...and my lovely new curtains from mom Z.

Pic#3 was taken right after Mark and I opened our gifts christmas morning...(I say Mark and I because Titus had a whopping 1 gift under the tree...but he didn't care cause we let him play with the wrapping paper!) Anyway, I received a votive from a friend in a package...and before I knew it Titus had eaten part of it...plastic wrap and all. I immediately took him to the kitchen and just laughed as I tried to get the wax off of his face and clothes...his breath smelled soooo good all morning...kinda like cinnamon and pine!

pic#4 is of Mark and Titus playing outside while I warmed dinner. I made a great lasagna dinner the day before so all I had to do was stick it in the oven Christmas day. Everything was done ahead...and I was only in the kitchen 45minutes total Christmas day...preparing and cleaning up! That is a feat

pic #5 is of Titus...obviously. I was trying to get a picture of him in his little shirt Aunt Bonnie got him...but he wasn't really in the sit still and smile mood....but, I might add, what you can't experience from this picture is just how wonderful his breath still smelled!!

Mark and I enjoyed a good round of Settler of Catan after eating leftovers for dinner...and then my parents joined us Christmas night and brought the works for Titus, Mark, and myself! We had a great time watching Titus open up some fun new toys...after each gift he opened he would say....oooooooooh. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture his little voice on my video camera...but it was adorable to see in person.

Mark, Titus, and I enjoyed our Christmas day together and cherished the sweet time of memories of "just the three of us" the best we could! Thanks Mark for making family time together something that Titus and I always enjoy and look forward to!


rachel nadeau said...

Such a great story about your Christmas tree! We have a fake tree that I've had since before we got married :) but it's free and available. Doesn't smell as good as the real ones but it's still our little tree:) Titus is adorable! Wish I could see him!

S&s said...

What a crack-up!!! That is a great "seminary" story;) Love the las picture of Titus--and LOVE, Love, LOVE the new curtains!!!!

journeyer said...

The curtains are beautiful. I'm glad you had a good family Christmas - sometimes the most important thing is that the day was some how special.

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