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Happy Birthdays!!

Today is July 14th, so I must send out a Birthday wish to some of my family and friends.
Happy Birthday to ya'll
Happy Birthday to ya'll
Happy Birthday from the Brumbaughs
Happy Birthday to ya'll
To my best friend from home...Nicole French. You have been such a great friend to me over the last 12 years and I cherish you and our short but sweet times together! Have a wonderful day and know that I am thinking of you...Hope you like your b-day present.

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Norman as well. I hope you and Lola have a great time together today enjoying newlywedded bliss! We wish we could be with you today, but our phone call will have to suffice. We are all looking forward to being in Illinois this November! Again, Happy Birthday!

Also, today is a day to remember my precious friend Meghan Osborne. Meg was a once in a lifetime friend and I can honestly say that her friendship with me was one that will continue to sharpen me for the rest of my life. Her passion for Christ and love to me was something God ordained and I am filled with tears of gratefulness to God for ordaining such a unique and deeply rooted friendship with her. Meg would have been 25 today and what a joy it is to know she is perfected and celebrating Christ today...I don't think birthdays get much better than that!


Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Congrats on your squash! My squash are only about 3 inches long right now. But we've enjoyed the cucumbers. How funny that Titus doesn't like it. :-) Aren't they hilarious? Adrianna has just started pushing away a few things she doesn't like and we're working on eating it or going hungry; not having much success yet! Happy gardening!!!!

Rachel and Jacob said...

that's a beautiful memorial.

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