Everyday Life

Easter Trip

Titus with his Great Aunt Becky

Titus' Easter Outfit

Titus with his Great Granny B

Titus with his Great Poppop Morgan

Catching some shut eye between visits!

Titus and I were able to get away for the weekend and travel to Greenville, SC for the Easter Weekend. Mark had to stay home to read read read so he was unable to enjoy our short visit with Aunt Becky and the Great Grandparents. Titus was so good and made the 8 hour trip there and back. This weekend Titus and I are headed down to Hilton Head with some of my family for the week. Mark has to stay home to finish up his semester, but once Titus and I get back...he will only have 1 week left till summer. Today I joined Facebook. How could I have not realized how useful that site is? I can't believe how many friends I have found already and I am looking forward to hearing updates on many more friends.


Loretta said...

What no picture of Great Aunt Michele or Uncle Tim with Titus? If you saw Michele, I know she loved on "that cute baby". He certainly is handsome. It is good to see your grandparents too, they look good.

WILD GHESE said...

what's this facebook stuff...as if I need another sight to belong to.

randtwagner said...

Looks very fun! Glad Titus is a good traveler for you! Enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!
We finally have internet access at our apartment, so I'm able to check up on you guys! I love the pics...your little guy is such a heartbreaker! =)

Love you! ~H.

Autum said...

That picture of your Aunt Becky I have had to take several double takes -- you and your mom really resemble her.

jeileenbaylor said...

So good to see that you all are doing well! Titus is getting so big!

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