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Summer 2012 Nomadic adventure

Day 1 started out with a car problem. I woke up to say goodbye to Mark when he left at 5:30 and then proceeded to use the next 2 hours to finish up some last minute packing and cleaning. The boys woke up at 7:30 and for 30 minutes they had to sit on the mattress in the middle of the living room floor so that the house would stay clean....I think it was the worst 30 minutes of their lives.
I needed to leave at 8:15 for the dentist office to have a painful tooth taken care of. Lindsey came to get the boys at 8 and then I jumped in the car to leave at 8:10....it beeped and quit. What was I gonna do? I just laughed and prayed and thanked God for His sovereign control. I told Him I was gonna enjoy seeing Him care for this issue. I was fully expecting some random mechanic to waltz down my street and offer to fix it...but instead I opened up the hood of the car and gazed at the objects. I stood there and noted how clean the engine and all the stuff looked and immediately knew I had no clue what clean thing to even begin touching. I whispered another prayer, jiggled the positive cable and the negative cable....looked around a bit more and then closed the lid. I was so confident the Lord was gonna do something...so I sat on the step to wait and pray. I fiddled with my key faab and keys while I waited and suddenly noticed the lights flashing the the locks working. Bingo;) she started right up and I was only a few minutes late to the dentist.
Now, I have prayed about the needs of my mouth for 16 months and yesterday the Lord delivered swiftly and all sufficiently. We don't have dental insurance and I knew when I moved here I needed 3 fillings. In March, we had saved enough money for me to go see a dentist and his first available appt. was June 10. I remember thinking "wow! We will be all moved into a new place by then!". Funny! I went monday and had 1 filling done, but it was deep and bothered me all week, so Yesterday I went back in to have it checked, and, 1 root canal and 2 fillings later, God took care of my need and provided a gracious gift from the dentist to cover the expense. What a way to start out this adventure.
There have been many days over the last 3 months that I have felt forgotten about by God, but His Spirit has been faithful to flood my mind with truth rather than feelings. Yesterday, however, I was greatly encouraged to not only know, but feel God's care and provision. What a blessing I did not deserve.
We arrived in VA just in time to be welcomed by Friday afternoon traffic....I miss Delaware! We enjoyed time with Mimi and Grandy and ended the evening by enjoying a popcorn and pizza picnic by the river. This is the first time Grandy has been back to the river with the boys in almost a year. We threw rocks in the river and explored their favorite paths. The boys were exhausted and ready for bed, and so was this sore-mouthed-lifted-Spirit- mama! Here's to the great summer adventure of 2012.


Cadovius said...

I can't tell you what this post means to me! I love you Annie!!!

cranny + b said...

this post encouraged me so much in my faith. I'm praying for your housing as the Lord brings it to my mind.

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