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"4 boys? My, they are gonna eat you out of house and home." I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have heard the above statement. Teen boys' appetites are simply out of control from what I hear. However, how bout those toddler/preschooler appetites? I am so close to using an entire loaf of bread for lunchtime....I have to cook 2 boxes of macaroni for them...They can almost down an entire veggie tray by themselves... I have to use an entire dozen of eggs for scrambled eggs....sheesh! It blows me away and only 3 are at the food stage! Levi is sure to be the biggest appetite we have had so far and I cringe at the thought of how much it will take to fill him up! Therefore, this post is nothing more than a documentation of a first that is surely going to become the regular around here.

This morning was the momentous occasion when our 3 boys downed the entire 9oz. box of cereal in one meal. I usually don't do cereal because it doesn't seem too filling for them, but this morning I decided to let them eat until they stopped asking for more. I can't even remember how many bowls they each ate...I had a 3/4th cup serving which would have made this post a bit of an exaggeration. However, when I told the boys there was no more cereal, Titus so kindly informed me that there were more boxes in the garage. I opened up the 2nd box and used more than 3/4 cup, so my exaggeration is therefore nullified and my grocery bill: intensified!!


Cadovius said...

I hear you....just my two boys are eating everything in site and my couponing can't seem to keep up....seriously, they are out-eating me by a LOT!

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