Everyday Life

Up Close with Titus

talkative (to put it mildly)
He is my precious son who makes this busy mama's job so much easier.  I often just wish I could sit and soak up his thoughts on life...but I'm usually trying to get to many things done at once and I find myself not even hearing his voice amid the noise in my home and my brain.  Oh, how fast he is growing and learning.....5 years have flown by and my heart winces at just how quickly these little years fly by.  
I simply can't express my mother's heart with words, but I'm so thankful for this calling and I am asking the Spirit to continually flush out the busyness of my life so that I can be truly listening for His work in Titus' heart and life.  What a joy this young man is to me.....*tears*


Beth said...

Anne, I know exactly what you mean when you said "I simply can't express my mother's heart with words". I fail at even trying because I know I could never succeed such a task! Beautiful pics of Titus. I feel like I know him a little better through this post.

Stamped Here by Him said...

these pictures are amazing Anne. I can't wait for Heaven to be able to really catch up and stay caught up. I feel like I hardly know who these pictures are of, Thank you for posting them. Love you all

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