Everyday Life

Up close with Levi

He is such a sweet baby.  
did I mention Happy?
Sleeps great
Eats great....
VERY active *sigh*
I have been blessed with a 4th wonderful baby boy.  However, as was just mentioned, this is my 4th, so I know just how quickly these "honeymoon" months go.  (I consider the 5 months before mobility  to be the "honeymoon" phase *smile*)  I have held this little guy so much that my body often aches...but it is oh so worth it!  Every pound of him just makes my heart melt as I try to soak in as much as I possibly can.  Children are such a gift.  anybody else agree?? 

his lips are so perfect...and those dark curly eyelashes are delicious!
most certainly another dark eyed heir
squinty eyes
soft skin
I'm as determined to keep him from sucking his thumb as he is to suck it.
it's so adorable, but such a horrible habit to try and break!
chubby cheeks

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