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Santa's Slaves...er...elves...better yet, Slelves

When my mother in law was here for Levi's arrival, she introduced my boys to working in their 'office' in our basement.  They have had so much fun creating and crafting together around the office table.  It is also very important to add that they each have a special name that they like to be called while working in the office...and they picked them all by themselves, can you tell???
Anywho, now that it's Christmas time, we have started calling the 'office' our 'elf headquarters or workshop'.  These boys have been hard at work creating all sorts of special Christmas surprises!  however, they do feel that it would be good Quality control for Martha Melody (mama B) to come back and tweak a few creations:)  I guess Gloria (me) isn't as effective!  
Toby (Titus) and Dolphin (ezra) 


And where is Steven (Simeon) you may ask.  well, he is usually strapped into his booster seat working away with us.  I just neglected to snap his photo.  He is actually quite good at making bracelets and coloring and is trying his hardest to master scissors.  

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