Everyday Life

Christmas Memories 2011

5 poses
256 photos...
0 pictures with everyone looking and smiling at the same time
75 marshmallows stuffed in mouths to encourage smiling cheeks
1 screaming baby
1 grumpy toddler
1 little 3 year old who can't be still
1 very un-enthused 5 year old who is old enough to fake a smile...thankfully
2 new cow watches from chick-fil-a that could not be parted with
2 lovebirds who still manage to notice one another above all the chaos
imperfect decorations
imperfect attire
imperfect people
who LOVE each other and enjoy imperfection perfectly

perfectly imperfect

love the expressions 

thanks rebecca for your willingness to 
come "shoot" our family.  
I'm glad you have a quick trigger finger and good aim!


kellyH said...

oh, they're all super sweet! I love the last one of you & Mark! We're starting to find our challenges with just 2, so 4 might be an impossible feat. But they're all beautiful. =)

Beth said...

These pics are perfect!!! I'm sure you're thankful for them and the very best ones are the ones that show it all- I love Levi crying in the pic of you 2 kissing and the one below it where he's calmed down a bit, but has that big pouty face. These are so great.

oh- I think Sim looks just like my dad's baby pics.

Jessica Gardner said...

Beautiful pictures!

Stamped Here by Him said...

thank you thank you thank you for sharing your memories, faces, love, and laughter with us so many miles away.

Anonymous said...
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manikanta said...

nice pictures.you look good

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