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I simply can't resist sharing these resources, as well as 5 new exciting additions to my iPod playlist. 
edit: there were a few issues with the links, but they should all be working properly now.

Last year, I was so excited to discover RC Sproul's children's books: 

I bought this one last year and
we all enjoy reading it

This year, I was pleased as punch to look online and see that he has written 3 new ones: 

(release date 01/16/12)

I also found this Christmas CD The Word Became Flesh which I highly recommend.  I didn't care for the style of music, but the Biblical narrative from creation through the fall to redemption drew my heart, soul, and mind to worship Christ. 

Last night, I added these 4 free Renewing Your Mind podcasts to my iPod playlist (via iTunes).  The first 4 are audio recordings of 4 of the above books and the 5th podcast is a partial airing of the Christmas CD by RC Sproul.  
These podcasts will only be available for download for a few more weeks, so I imagine these links will become useless by the end of January.  However, each year, they rebroadcast stories around Christmas. 

Hope you enjoy listening!!
Justin Taylor interviewed RC in 2008 about his (then) newest release The Prince's Poison Cup.  I have linked to it here and I hope you will take the time to read it...as well as possibly purchase one of these wonderful resources for both parents and children alike.

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