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Redeeming Halloween: Leave the light on

I read a great article last year on Justin Taylor's blog about praying through the potential of using Halloween to serve the community.  We studied through Tim Keller's Gospel in life series in our small group this summer and he encourages the group to practice living the gospel together by serving the community as a group.  I understand the touchy nature of Halloween and I too agree that it must be dealt with carefully and prayerfully.  There were days my heart winced a bit as my boys talked about the Halloween party...but more importantly, it gave me an opportunity to explain that we were not celebrating  Halloween, rather trying to serve our neighbors who were going to be walking all over the neighborhood and having a good time.  Our goal was to just enhance their celebration by greeting them with a warm smile and handing them a warm drink on their cold night out and about!  Truly, the Lord more than abundantly answered our prayers and we are thrilled with how the evening went.  So, here are some pictures...very random and very few, but I was busy mixing hot chocolate and cider, passing out candy, and talking (my favorite part), so, my photo's were a bit on the back burner.  

simple set up.  we had a few more pumpkins as each family was asked to bring a carved pumpkin, but the fare was simple and had to be grab 'n go.  Cookies and hot drinks for the adults...candy for the kids (good candy, you know, the kind they remember and want to come back for the next year *wink*wink!) and we had a fire pit for warmth and marshmallows:)

Mingling in the front yard.  We wanted to have lots of people so that conversation
flowed easily and gave way to casual  conversation
just had to post a picture of some men that I am very grateful the Lord has at Trinity church.  (left to right- Mike and Dan our pastors, Nick-whom my boys adore, and Mark- my sweetheart:)
Pirate Titus
We had close to 50 people here that night to help this thing go smoothly.  Hannah and Alethea kept the kids busy with games and activities outside so that there were about 25 kids running around having a great time. We wanted the entire event to be outdoors and everyone to have a part.  So, the kids played games and were encouraged to meet some new kids...and pass out candy if they wanted.   
more mingling....and no, these are not their costumes!  Obviously, it's hunting season here!

My little Monkey
Mike trying to keep Levi warm...it was quite chilly that night!

Mark, busy serving up some warm cider and hot chocolate.....and it was BUSY!

Obviously, Levi is well loved and cared for by many people

Some trick or treaters enjoying roasting marshmallows over the warm fire.
I didn't get the picture of our cup-o-soup dinner we shared together before the festivities began...but it was a hit and all-in-all it was a wonderful evening.  We were able to meet several families in our neighborhood and chat with them casually.  We are hoping to have  a few families over for dinner in the near future, and are excited that God has placed us at 32 Stockton Lane for a few more months and that He so graciously provided us an easy outlet to meet so many in our immediate community!  When else is the entire neighborhood outside, carefree, and happy to chat?  Lordwilling, we'd love to do it again next year...and I'd encourage you to pray and think about the possibility of redeeming halloween in your community!

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kellyH said...

I love this! Since having kids I have realized that hands down, Halloween is one of the most important nights out of the entire year to be out & about in your neighborhood. I love how many great things you had from the drinks to the fire to people to mingle.....I am going to consider amping up our Halloween night like this. :) So glad to hear how God is using you in this neighborhood!

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