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What a beautiful sight

It may just look like a pile of clothes to the untrained eye...but to the mommy trained eye this pile of clothes marks the beginning of a new era in the Brumbaugh household! 
I snapped this Picture to commemorate Titus' first load of laundry that he folded all by himself!  WOW!  he has been practicing folding laundry for several weeks and then his little friend Derek Lane came over one afternoon to play...I secretly employed Derek's incredible laundry capabilities to demonstrate to Titus the proper technique and ease of doing laundry.  Vwallah!  What a blessing this has already been to me on several occasions seeing as how I must do laundry everyday in order to keep on top of this task...and some days, well...anyone with multiple kiddos can attest to the fact that somedays, one load can take ALL DAY to complete!  What a blessing it has been to our family to have Titus serve us in this way!  ...and did I mention Ezra is getting pretty into it as well-HALLELUJAH!!!  Can you hear me singing in Delaware???


Beth said...

I hear ya sing'n sista!!! That's a really cute little stack of clothes. What a good post to do! I don't think of these things. And you're even sleep deprived! I'm praying for you tonight. love you!

Andie said...

its beautiful! he folds laundry kind of like how i do :) although i usually place (ok, throw) it on the floor, so he's got one up on me for putting it on the table :P

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