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Father's Day 2011

what a wonderful day we had celebrating the precious gift of Father's

the first foursome fishing outing!
They had great success! Everyone of them caught a fish:)
This is Ezra's first fish which he so fittingly named 'Hamster'????

We grilled some yummy:
Local Sweet Corn on the Cob
finished off with fantastical loaded ice cream sundaes!!
Even the boys got in on the ribs action

and they even managed to get Grandy to read the final 3 chapters of Pilgrim's Progress to them. (and yes, I was a bit bitter! Come on, I had read them the first 999 chapters of the book...and Grandy comes and gets to finish the book! lol)

Grandy and his smallest (and sleepiest)...yet, potentially most adoring fans!
I'm so thankful for these sweet memories the boys had with their Grandy...and for the sweet memories I made watching them soak up every spare ounce of energy my dad had to offer! God's kindness was so rich to me the whole time....and as I sit and watch the path God has Sovereignly ordained for my dad's life, I am even more honored and humbled to have had these moments together this year!
Soli Deo Gloria


Beth said...

What amazing pictures, Anne. Your words about your dads situation at the end of the post seem like the "perfect" thing to say, but I know they are genuinely what you are feeling as you experience God's great grace each day. We love you!

cranny + b said...

I continue to pray for your dad--speaking of, I need to hop over to caringbridge and catch the latest........

I think I saw something on Mark's fb wall that gave me a hint that you are pretty close to having Levi. Will be praying for a safe delivery!

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