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Dela..Where are you going?

Yes that is right. We are going to the place a few people know of and not as many have visited. In a few months Anne, the boys, and myself will be making final preparations and moving yet again to Smyrna, DE to join the body of believers at Trinity Church. We are selling our lawn care outfit and moving to a new place. This is what we do know. The category headed "What we don't know" is a bit overwhelming to think about for any extended period of time, but we are looking forward to the good hand of God as He continues to direct our steps. We are not sure what kind of job will await us. We don't know where we are going to live. We really are not in the position to move right into a home purchase, and we are selling my income and the credit that might have been attached to it previously. It kind of feels like when we got married and moved to Virginia Beach in the first place.

Despite all of these uncertainties I am assured that God has called us to go and live among the people in Smyrna, to get a job, to meet new friends, to find new places to visit, to live life together with a new body of believers, and to worship Christ with them. We look forward to posting new updates about our move and how God is working. It is our pleasure to be a part of His plan to redeem men from among the nations and to pursue God's glory through a quiet and peaceable life that adorns the gospel of Jesus Christ in every way.


Cadovius said...

Oh I do PRAY we get to have a reunion of sorts while we're in Connecticut and yall are in DE!!!! I am missing those "Annie laughs" and hugs!!! We love yall

juliechall said...

I can honestly say we know exactly how you guys feel right now! We're excited for you guys though.

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