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welcome fall

it felt like fall 2 weeks ago. I got quite excited...and decided it was time to pass on the love of fall to my lads with these fantastic and easy ginger cookies. Silliness ensued...my table was coated in sugar...and my freezer is now filled with tiny dough balls of ginger cookies just waiting to fill our home with a favorite smell and taste of fall! We welcome you...favorite season of ours {mine}.

and yes...my boys love silly bands!
however, I need to explain my boys definition of silly bands...maybe in a future post:)

"after you roll them in sugar, put them on the cookie sheet with a little space in between them..." good thing they were headed for the freezer and not the oven.
note: I think its time for a new cookie sheet...don't you?:)


mom and dad said...

yummy, yummy, yummy!!!! what fun!!! and what a wonderful mom!!! you go girl!!!

AnneB said...

I am looking forward to the pumpkin dip, pies, breads, etc. This season is a joy all around. Anne has perfected a couple fall recipes that make the season wonderful.

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