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just checking in to let everyone know we are alive...we are busy this summer just like everyone else in the world; however, I do feel that the Lord has given us an unusual summer of incredible richness and delight as we have tried to be diligent vs. busy "with the basics". Switching gears from busy to diligent is no easy task...and takes a great deal of intentionality: Thanks be to God we have the Holy Spirit to do just that! Since graduation, we have been given a little more opportunity to be diligent together as a family...and what a BLAST we have had!!!!
The gospel calls for a great deal of intentionality in our lives...and what a joy to work through so many areas and see the passivity of so much of what we do and have.
These are not "formulas for success" as we are so often given in self help books, sermons, or conversations...these changes are changes only the Spirit can bring to light and that truly do give such an indescribable simplicity and freedom to life in Christ.
It all started with 1 new year's resolution. I had no idea what it looked like...I just wrote down Simplify...and started praying for the Spirit to draw out areas of clutter (personally, materially, and spiritually) and to produce radical changes that could only be attributed to the Gospel's work in my life.
It's easy to be busy....everyone is busy.
Only Christ can make everything in life worth doing diligently.
Are you intentional for the Gospel in all your "busyness"?
As Christ followers, we are here for the purpose of Glorifying God through the Gospel's work...are you diligent or busy?
Don't muster up changes that you need to make...We can't do anything good apart from the work of Christ! Pray in faith that God will reveal sinful areas of clutter for the Spirit to radically renew because of the freedom we have through the finished work of Jesus! This gives GREAT cause for rejoicing in the Work of the Trinity in very tangible ways.
Soli Deo Gloria!!!

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Cadovius said...

Adam and I have done this. We started with cleaning out closets (if you can believe that) and purging stuff we just aren't ever going to use. Next comes the garage. We have also been labeling Sundays as Family Days and we deliberately don't make plans with others. We explore the island, relax, don't do any housework and we don't run errands. We have had SO MUCH FUN since I got back from my visit. I love having a simple life because I don't like the idea that we HAVE to be busy because everyone else is busy. I can't be the mother or wife I'm called to be if I'm "busy." I want to be intentional in all I do! I loved this post and I love you, my Dear!

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