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Well Done!

yes....that used to be how I liked my steaks, until I indulged at Sonoma...which is how Mark and I would have celebrated his graduation had the Lord not blessed us with 3 amazing sweeties!

2 weeks ago I was talking with Titus and Ezra about how important it was going to be that we celebrated Daddy's graduation from seminary. I asked them how they wanted to celebrate God's goodness in daddy's graduation......I told them that God had been so merciful and gracious to allow daddy to reach this milestone and we needed to "do it up BIG (extravagant)". So, as they ate their protein bars, you could see their minds at work. Finally, they had just the thing that most symbolized extravagant CELEBRATION in their minds that they wanted to do for daddy...and boy was it fun to do!

after thinking for about 1.5 seconds, Ezra's idea was
A Birthday Cake

after about 2.3 seconds...Titus' idea was
The Christmas Tree...which we renamed the Graduation tree

Sim's idea:
Decorating Daddy's car while he was in his last class...
these boys were beyond excited
EDIT: Simeon was not falling of of the car...I made SURE his seat was fine before I snapped these pictures!!

I have hopes that although they are young...they (Titus is the only one old enough to remember) will remember the extravagant rejoicing over the goodness of God in answering our prayers for completion of seminary.

My mind has been flooded with memories of the first days of seminary 5 years ago...God's ways are so much better than ours! I could share with you so many specifics that would make you chuckle, but as I worked this last week to celebrate in a way that my kiddos could identify with, I was struck with such amazement as I thanked God for giving me these sweet busy boys during seminary. Had our "plan" worked...we would have been celebrating with a fancy dinner....and who wants steak when you can eat birthday cake by your graduation tree with 3 admiring sweeties who think you are the most incredible daddy in the world!


Mark and Stephanie Stonis said...

That is so sweet--what a great celebration! How fun to hear the boys thoughts--so cute! I love Titus' face in the car pics :) (I will confess my heart skipped a beat on the one where it looks like the baby is about to fall off the car :)

Bonnie said...

Glad that Sim didn't fall off the hood AND I think it was very sweet that T "let" Sim use the YCMA balloons to decorate Daddy's car. ;-)

kellyH said...

I can't believe you actually put up the Christmas for this? That is some serious celebrating. :) great work in making this so impressionable on their young minds. Sim had quite the idea. :)
much congrats to BOTH of you and glad you are celebrating with your 3 sweeties!!

Kristin said...

You guys are so creative! Congrats!!!!!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Congrats on the graduation! How sweet to be able to celebrate as a family and for the boys great ideas!

rettajoye said...

Good job Annie! You have done well making seminary and sacrifice a family affair and a positive thing in the boys mind. Great ministry and servant's heart training!

Future of Hope said...

You are such an encouragement to me! Thank you for spurring me on to help my two little boys recognize God's goodness and grace in their daily lives!
We are praising the Lord with you and Mark for bringing your family through this busy time. May God's richest blessings continue to flow from His hand upon the four of you!

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