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Tire Swing Torture

you can thank the wind for the lovely
bouffant hairstyle Titus is sporting
The TIRE SWING!!! this piece of playground equipment floods my mind with so many visions from childhood! queasy stomach, laughing, spinning, broken leg (not mine, my friends), yelling "faster, faster, faster", etc.

Mark has been gone this last week at a conference (hence the opportunity to update the blog)...so needless to say, I have had tons of time with the boys...and tons of WARM WEATHER! On Tuesday, we headed to one of our favorite playgrounds and my boys ran to the tire swing wanting me to push them...I indulged their toddler delight...with memories flooding my mind while almost immediately feeling a bit queasy. As you can tell...my childishness took over just a bit and I decided to maximize on the moment for memory's sake (a video clip for me to laugh at for many years to come)

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Karen said...

I knew it!
I knew that was Mark in our hotel lobby, eating breakfast! I didn't say anything, though, because
(a) I didn't think he'd remember me,
(b) I was still in my sloppy ole PJ's.

I have fond memories of the tire swing, too. And a queasy stomach, just looking at the photo...

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