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Here is the picture to prove we really did get some snow in Virginia Beach!
My parents live in Northern Virginia and they got 18"
while we got a quick dusting that was gone by
the time the sun rose the next morning. Our patch of grass out front

Old Grey and Pearly White looking good
(well as good as old grey can look:)

Thankfully, there was enough snow at my parents to last until we arrived for Christmas. Ezra hated the snow, but Titus loved it. We didn't have any "snow clothes" for the boys, so we had to make do...which included plastic bags over their crocs and socks on their hands! I had to laugh at the sight...but I would rather "make do" than run out and buy a bunch of stuff we would have to store for another "global warming" snow storm:):)

Titus sledding with daddy

Mark taking Titus on a "sleigh" ride

building the "HUGE snowmans"
(as quoted by Titus)

Proof that they were indeed HUGE (6'5"!!)
please notice Mrs. Frosty's beautiful necklace

The ceremonial drinking of the hot chocolate after coming inside...
just gives me the warm fuzzies thinking about it!

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