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First smiles

I love the anticipation of the first "real" smile from my newborns! If you are a parent, then you know just the feeling I am talking about! The moment when you hearts jumps just because you realize that the smile your newborn just flashed was actually an expression of emotion rather than an expression of "warning" for the unpleasant noise that usually follows!
Simeon's first smile was before we left for our Christmas travels...but I captured it on film while we were in SC for the "Morgan Family Christmas".
Thanks Auntie M for working your magic so I could snap these pics!

the Morgan's, their children, their children's children, and their children's children's children
all present and accounted for...


Beth said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those first "real" smiles! I can't wait for Isaac's.

Just Beneath The Cascades said...

That is beautiful, Anne. Thanks for the picture. I can't wait to see Simeon in person and to experience this first smile for Ian either. Love you

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