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growing up

It is hard to believe that Titus turned 3 last month
and Ezra will be 2 next month!
They are growing up so quickly!
This photo session was taken on a Sunday morning right after they got their hair fixed.
I was staying home with Simeon, so after we ended the photo time, I got T & E in their coats and sent them out the door to the van. As Mark left the house to go start the van he grabbed the umbrella b/c it was slightly misting. . .however, I didn't realize it was misting and told the boys to make a run for it! As I turned around to close the door. . .I could hear Titus yelling as he ran to Mark "Ah, it's raining and my hair is going to get messed up!!"(repeat several times)

cool, calm, and collected (for a moment!)

true colors!

little Mr. distracted!

mommy's big boys!

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Beth said...

I LOVE them!

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