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Town Hall for Hope

(click on the link above for more info and to watch a short video explaining the event)
okay...I don't want to burn anyone out on Dave Ramsey, but I just had to share this event with all my readers. Mark and I have known about it for a little over a month...but I hesitated to put it on here since some people still have no idea who Dave Ramsey is apart from the fact that he cuts of people's credit cards while he talks.

When Dave dreamed up this event he was hoping for 500 locations to host the webcast and for 200,000 people to attend the event. The event will consist of a 30 minute talk from Dave and then an hour of questions from the live audience as well as twitter, facebook, e-mail and You Tube. Dave will cover facts of the economy because he feels the general public is being fed FEAR instead of FACT and he feels complled to share facts to try and empower people to live without FEAR no matter what the media/government is feeding them.

Now is where I will interject that the Dave Ramsey radio show is now airing in our area every night from 6:00-9:00pm on AM850. The show has been airing for a few months which means that enough people called and requested this show to be aired in our area that they decided to pilot it...and when the numbers and excitement continued growing...the radio station has kept it rolling! In fact, Mark was in a Starbucks a few weeks ago and was pleased to see a couple from the community teaching another couple how to set up a budget and work through the Ramsey plan to debt free living! WAHOO!!!! He didn't interrupt to say anything to them...but it encouraged me to continue to pray for my community and for my boldness to share Christ with them via finances. The potential is unbelievable when people catch how contagious it is to truly live with Financial Peace because you walk with the Prince of Peace!

As I listened to Dave the other night...he was testifying about how God has truly grown this town hall for hope meeting. He said that God had opened up the locations to 6,000!! and the total people signed up to attend one of those locations was already over 1,200,000!! PTL! He also shared that the Fox Business channel is going to air the meeting!! Did you hear me!!! again PTL!!! and also several radio stations that air his radio show are airing the live meeting! again...PTL!

So I ask you all...please pray for your community! If you can attend I would highly encourage you to attend seeing as how you will get a first hand glimpse at how motivational Dave is and how excited people are at his info. I guarantee that if you attend this event and are open to talk with people around you...you will make contacts with needy people in your immediate community who need encouragement and guidance!

Again...please don't just roll your eyes at this post. Pray...even if you think Dave is ridiculous...pray for Mark and I as we are coming into contact with more and more who are open to learning a new way of living...which can open their eyes to their own spiritual debt and the true Freedom they can have through Christ! This meeting will not be a "gospel" event...but I am fervently praying for gospel opportunities to come from it!

Also, please pray for Dave Ramsey. He is a Brother-in-Christ and needs our encouragement and prayers as he continues to share hope to some truly uninformed and scared people. Pray that this webcast will be free of technical difficulties. Pray for clarity as he speaks to many many people...pray for him to continue to grow steadfast in his walk with Christ. He is truly in love with Christ...and we all know that passion for Christ brings indignation from others...

If you are interested in attending, just click on the link above. you can enter your zip code and find a location near you...even if you think no one in your area knows who this guy is...I GUARANTEE you there are people in your area who will be attending with open minds and lots of questions...are you ready? Has the gospel truly changed the way you view your finances! What an opportunity to share your faith and if you are missing it...I encourage you to learn...even if not from Dave...LEARN...
NOTE: just to clarify for those of you local readers this meeting will be on the radio at 8:00pm on AM 850 April 23rd.


Mark and Stephanie Stonis said...

Great post, Anne! I wish that I was able to attend, but they are not providing child care, so I will not take the chance of being a distraction to others :) I am excited to hear from others who are attending--maybe you can give us a brief synopsis on your blog :) I love your enthusiasm--it was sooo helpful in our class! Keep up the good work God has allowed you to accomplish!

Bethany said...

Annie - it is exciting to hear about other young couples taking control of their debt and being excited about being debt free! I have a few co-workers who have recently become debt-free or are working through the process and I love to encourage them! I love your passion for this!

Wild Ghese said...

I am a little late, but yeah!!!!

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