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Ancient Stain Removal Tip

Well I guess Ancient isn't the right word...but what do Mount Vernon and baby shower have in common???
Stain removal tips.
The laundry crew of Mount Vernon used to wash the linens and then lay them on the grass or bushes to dry allowing the chlorophyll to react with the Sun causing a whitening and brightening to the dulled linens (what we would call bleach now a days!)
My sister was at a baby shower last weekend and passed along a tip that one of the moms shared with the mom-to-be. She said that no matter what stain her baby had presented her with...water and sunlight had kept every onesie, bib, and outfit spotless. She simply rinsed the stained article in water and laid it in the bright sun for 5-10 minutes...and the stain was gone.
I know this works for white garments that need a whitening pick me up...in fact adding vinegar in the rinse cycle and then setting the items out to dry really brightens those dulled or yellowed whites...
I don't have a stain producing infant right now to try this trick out on...but you had better believe I will be testing it out ASAP on whatever stains my toddlers give me next! What could be cheaper and safer than water and sunlight!

Mount Vernon is one of my favorite historical sites to visit...now that they have added the interactive museum and live interpreters...I could spend days walking around and watching all the informative videos and reading all the history tidbits. In fact, my wedding reception was held at the Mount Vernon Inn and my parents live about a mile and a half from this historic spot on the Potomac River. When I go home and visit...I love to steal away to this beautiful plantation and get lost in the history and entreprenurial endeavors of George Washington. For anyone thinking of taking a trip to visit DC...I would highly recommend taking several hours to visit the Home of George and Martha Washington.
Yada yada yada...here are a few pics from one of my fall visits

the front gates after closing

one of the beautiful gardens

the breath-taking view from the back porch
(and yes...
he actually toured the inside of the mansion with me
...what a great and innocent perspective he had:)

the chairs lined up on the back porch...
allowing visitors to sit and soak up the beauty and stillness of the scenery

what started out as a small run down home...
Washington envisioned and created into this mansion
He owned approximately 8,000 acres of farm land!


Bonnie said...

I love the pic of T with "his river"! I can't wait to give this tip a try. Love ya!

Beth said...

these are BEAUTIFUL pictures! good tip. sounds too simple and too good to be true!

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