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Redeeming the Time....
that phrase has been echoing over and over in my head for the last 6 months. I woke up one morning and was struck with the realization that I was a time waster...and I realized that it wasn't an okay thing for me to just laugh about over coffee with friends. Time is serious! Slothfulness and Laziness are serious! I knew I needed to begin asking God to help me see the areas of my life that needed to be adjusted for better use of the time He has ordained for me on this Earth. I know I am here to Glorify Him...and I just couldn't see how wasting time fit into that purpose.
All this to say that I immediately began praying and researching time management. I have listened to a few books...and read a few on the subject, but I wanted to share with you the title of my latest read. I will probably listen to it about once every 3 months if I can get in the holds line at the library! I have been able to implement several of these principles both at home and in my business...and what a great help these changes have been! I love growing and changing areas in my life that directly effect my growth as a Christ follower which in turn effects the body of Christ and my family.
This book is not "Christian" by authors intent, but I am so thankful that the gospel allows me to study any topic in a new and glorious light! I am by no means a pro at this...but with God's continued work and the Spirit's enlightening/convicting work to show me areas of time waste and slothfulness...I am growing in grace via time management!
Now I am working on a great new book just released by Carolyn McCulley entitled Radical Womanhood ... Anyone want to join me??

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