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Apples of Gold

Tonight, I attended our Ladies Fall Fun Night at church...and what an enjoyable time it was for me. Colonial is a larger church than the ones I have ever been a part of, and there are some wonderful things about being in a large ministry...but also, some down sides. One of the greatest burdens on my heart has been the great difficulty it has been to get to know some of the older women in the church body and truly learn from them. Growing up, we attended a church where we were encouraged to participate with all generations...and it was easier to facilitate this mingling.
Tonight was such a sweet answer to prayer. We were able to kick back and all laugh together and play games that made us all laugh. I met Bashful Brenda, Lumpy Linda, Lovely Lisa, Joyful Joy, Ditzy Deb, Happy Heather, Sunny Sue, Irresitible Irma (see ladies...I still remember your names!...but more importantly, Martha Davey layed out some direct thoughts from Titus 2 on the importnce of women realizing that those commands are not options....they are necessary in order to truly be a church that looks like Christ. After she shared the leadership's burden to see this fleshed out in our church...they began sharing with us the mentoring program they are going to be beginning in the winter months.
Apples of Gold...my sister had been a part of this program last year and truly was blessed and encouraged by the wisdom and friendships she was able to glean from it. However, I figured that even though the program was wonderful..it was not "Traditional" enough (Unfortunately!)for our Fundamental circles due to it's association with Focus on the Family.
I am excited to see this ministry launched in our local body...but as they encouraged tonight, we need women to pray about the responsibility of mentoring...and with such a large church...this will be no small feat! However, my eyes filled with tears tonight as I saw women challenged with Titus 2 and then given a direct avenue to practice their God commanded roles in our challenging and busy culture. I desire this not only for myself, but also for the women I co-labor along side with in the gospel. This ministry has been deep on my heart...and I encourage each of you to take a look at this menotring program if you have not had the chance to. You older women....I know it is intimidating...but we younger women need you more than you know. God designed us to need you...so don't be intimidated by how "put together" and "busy" we may seem...
And younger women...let's break down some prideful barriers and allow Christ to work through these older women to help shape us to be like Him.
A woman who fears the Lord....she shall be praised!

Now...if only we could get a Financial Peace Class going......that's my next burden...can you "Imagine what the People of God could do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt free."


Bonnie said...

I didn't know you were doing Apples of Gold! You will really enjoy it and learn so much. Wish we could have been in it together. Love you!

uncpdeb said...

I loved this post. I hope I find something like that, here.
miss you!!!

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