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Some recent Pics of the boys

Here are just a few pictures from our summer together.
Nap time at the beach

I gave Titus an Oreo and then left the room...when I came back
he had it smeared all over his face...which he was quite elated about!

Titus and his super fun Uncle Jason

Temper Tantrums...need I say more?

Trying to stand on his own in the crib

All Smiles...

It is harder than it seems to get them both to
sit still smile and look at the camera at the same time!
This is 1 of about 65 photos we took during this photo shoot...
what a fun time it was!
Another candid moment! Life is so fun with these two!

Sitting still a smiling...not an easy thing to
catch on film with this busy little boy


Bonnie said...

Yay for new pictures! They are getting so big!!!
love, Aunt Mon-Mon & Super Fun Uncle Jason

uncpdeb said...

I was so excited to get to spend some time with the 3 of yall today! what fun it is when all 4 boys get together. whew! :-)
they are now asleep (and Erick has gone 3 nights in a row with no getting out of bed!!!) YAY!
love you

Laura D said...

Wow! I haven't seen the boys in awhile. They are getting SO big. I can't believe how much Ezra looks like his big brother!

Opitz Family said...

wOW! They have both grown up so quickly (we have the same problem here)! They are gorgeous and look so much like brothers!
You're a lucky mama :)

Kelli said...

Great pictures of your boys. You must be so busy, but it shows that you love being a mom. They are adorable!

Erin Neiner said...

HEY Annie! I came over for a visit after reading Sarah B.'s sweet post about you :) and I wanted to thank you for the HP online coupon tip!!! I printed one off right away and have already used it! We go through a lot of comp. paper and this will be a great blessing through the end of the year! You are a wonderful mom and a great encourager! Aren't two little boys so much fun!?! Always on our toes we mothers of boys! :) Keep up the great work! This mothering thing aint for sissies!!!!

Speck of Va said...

Hey ANNE!!!!! (Please say "Hey Anne" with your most high pitched and annoying voice. That's from Matt. Say it with a nice soft, motherly vioce and that is from Sommer)
Great to see pics of the boys. I, Matt, had not seen them yet, so it was exciting for me. The girl who wanted to sell 'water bottles' for 25 cents and lose profit and the same girl whose comeback always included "YOUR MOM!" is now just that a MOM. That's great..... we know you will make a great MOM.
We are at www.speckofva.blogspot.com. We have just started learning how to do this. Talk to you soon, Matt and Sommer

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