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Considering God's Grace

Today I am reminded of the grace of God on all men as I look around and pray for rain so that the grass I cut for a living would grow. You see for several days I have just hoped and thought to myself throughout the day, "I hope it rains soon. Lord, send the rain. I have to have income....please send rain. I don't know what I am going to do." Then today the Lord brought the verse to my mind that reminded me of his common grace. It says that the Lord sends rain on the just and the unjust. Now I am not going into an exegetical excursion on this verse or its context but I do want to consider the blessing it is to be able to rest in the fact that God is going to grace this area with rain because of who he is and how he works. I also was overjoyed again to think of the fact that he gives each life breath and I cannot do a single thing about the rain or ultimately providing for my family. God has both my boys and my wife in his care. He knows my needs and he also knows that this ground I work on needs rain. He does the rain thing on good men and on bad men. He will bless when it brings him much glory. God is going to be taking care of my job as well as my family and I can rest in that fact. Praise the Lord I don't have to worry about the rain and giving all living things breath (not that God worries...just a figure of speech...gotta put it in context). So all in all God has been doing a bit more in my heart and life than thinking about one verse on rain and God's common grace but that is just a glimpse of what God is trying to show me through this process.

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sc3b said...

Interesting...if you were in Wisconsin you would not be able to cut grass either...because it won't STOP raining!!

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