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Big News!!

Mark has officially put in his 2 weeks notice at Fedex! And it just so happens that he had requested these 2 weeks for his vacation...so, a whole new season of our lives is just beginning...full-time self-employment. It is a step of faith for us to make this transition, but we rest in the sovereign hands God has so carefully has us in!
We were having issues with the grocery budget yet again these last few weeks...but before I even had to begin the beans and rice regimen...Jehovah Jireh provided a gift card to the grocery store in Mark's seminary mailbox. What a wonderful blessing God provided for us through the willingness of a fellow co-laborer of the gospel!

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TwoMuths said...

Praise the Lord for His provision!!!

And, sometime when you have "free time" would you post some of your beans and rice recipes? I only have a couple, and they get kinda old (we try toincorporate beans & rice into our regular menu)

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