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Happy Birthday "Kake"

this is the best I could do Beth! I tried for so long to get a great video in honor of Kate's first birthday, but this will have to do. Titus wasn't very cooperative...but I sure got a kick out of filming this greeting. Thankfully the soap is the all natural soy soap I sell...so no harm done...except for his juniper breeze smelling breath! Hopefully by Kate's second birthday Titus will be able to say her name a little more clearly...but for now...Cake will have to do!


Kristin said...

Cute. What soap do you sell? I would like to hear more about the products you sell.

The Stamper Story said...

funny!!! Thank you Anne and Titus. Kate is just staring at the computer- you left her speechless- that's a first! We'll have to watch it again. It was so good to see and hear you guys. love you

TwoMuths said...

That is hilarious!

uncpdeb said...

so cute
my mom did the same thing years ago...ha ha ha..
i miss you
i'll let you know when the sickness is over....no end in sight just yet
love you!

WILD GHESE said...

yew yucky!
cute boy.

Laura Carrow said...

Thanks for the beautiful video. It brought back beautiful memories of my daughter and son in the tub when they were little. I love reading your family log. What a beautiful way to share your family events with others!
Laura Carrow

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