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What's In a Name?

______ David Brumbaugh. 26 weeks along and still uncertain about this next Baby's name. It took us about 2 minutes one evening to come up with names for the first baby...Titus Kip...but this one is not so easy. Originally we decided on Michiah from the old testament, but then my mom about had a fit thinking her grandson's name was going to sound like a terrorist name. Next, it was Owen...but then we found out 5 friends recently named their sons Owen...so we went back to the "game".
I have always disliked the American tradition of naming your child a name because "you like the way it sounds". Most other cultures take great pride the the meaning of a name...and righfully so. Titus' name has brought up many good conversations with strangers! And by the way...to prove my point. A few different people from different ethnic backgrounds have asked Titus' name and when they hear the answer they immediately can give me the meaning/history of emperors or historical figures with the name...which I find fascinating! I can think a name is cute...but once I find out a kids name means face of a dog or crooked nose...I have a hard time understanding why parents would want that for their kid!
My criteria is simple:
First name: Doesn't have to be biblical but needs to have a solid meaning. Not overused...I want people to think about the name and be prompted to ask what it means or where it came from.
Middle Name: needs to give honor to whom honor is due.
So we have narrowed it down to a few favorites...it is just that Mark and I have different favorites! We are still open to other names...but haven't run across any that meet our desires. So... right now it is between
Ezra: aid/helper (Anne's Fav)
Elisha (called Eli: My God): My God is Salvation (Mark's Fav)
So any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated...but sooner or later, we will have to decide!
By the way a fun resource to find meanings of names is Baby Names World


Bonnie said...

OK. I looked up some names and here's some possible contenders:
Gideon: mighty warrior, Hewer
Grant: great, tall (he is a Brumbaugh after all)
Matthew: gift of God
Jaron: He will sing

TwoMuths said...

We had/have a hard time picking boy names as well. We knew we would use Aaron as a first name, but were stuck on the middle name. So stuck, that the child was unnamed for 4 days in the hospital. And there was a rumor going around our church that he wasn't going to HAVE a middle name.

Flip a coin? I know, real helpful!

hola hola coca cola said...

Ok - my 2 cents;

Ryan = Little King
Jarrett=Variant and surname form of Garrett (Old English) "spear-brave"

WILD GHESE said...

man, it's hard to name somebody else's kid. it's like marriage, you have no idea what the dynamics are between parents and child.

out of the two you guys came up with, I like Eli.

T.J. and Shannon said...

One of the things I've looked forward to most about having a baby is being able to him/her. I hope you're able to come up with one you both like. TJ and I really like the name Titus. So you did a good job on that name :) My opinion, not that it matters... I like Eli.

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