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My adorable smudge of fudge!

Any of you who are mommies out there know how much fun it is to have a little person "livening" up your home as they explore and grow...but we all also know that sometimes these little "energy bugs" can create 2 times the amount of work on your already chaotic day!
Monday was just that day for me and Titus. I babysat in the AM (my new part-time job) and then came home and planned my menu for the next week along with my shopping list and all the coupons and price matches for my weekly Walmart run. After Titus woke up I loaded him up and headed for my grocery run. I had my list/coupons/sale papers ready to go and was able to get the shopping finished in about 40 minutes...but then came the line. I stood in line (behind 1 lady with about 10 items) for another 35 minutes because the lady in front of me was arguing about not getting the price she was quo........yada,yada,yada. Titus was an angel and just sat patiently eating raisins and watching the whole scene. When we checked out and got home it was after 8:00pm and I was trying to get a new recipe prepared (Awesome Rachel Ray 'cipe that I'll post later) for Mark so he could have a nice warm meal when he got home. I brought all the groceries in and set them on the kitchen floor thinking Titus would have a great time going through the bags and talking to all the new "friends" in his kitchen. He was talking and crawling and just enjoying himself and I just zoned into cutting apples, celery, onions...and then I checked on Titus who was playing with the box of fudge rounds. No big deal....he can't open the little plastic packages. So back into my world I went...saute' the apples celery and onion...I just loved the smell of those three ingredients when all of a sudden I noticed brown stuff smeared on the kitchen floor. My first thought was POOP!!!AAAAAHHHHH! I followed the trail of smeared brown from the kitchen (and all over the side of the oven) into the dining room and it kept going into living room...and I found my little fudgy boy laughing and talking to this smeared fudge round. He had it still in the plastic wrap and was sucking it out of the bag...and of course he had it squeezed in between his fingers and smeared into my new area rug...but he was having a great time! I just sat on the floor and laughed with him and then I moved him back into the kitchen and just sat him on the floor trying to think of what to do next (besides the obvious need to go get the camera!). I was at a crucial point in the recipe so I couldn't stop and bathe Titus...then the stove started smoking and I realized I had just burned the bread, my kitchen floor was a mess, my house was filled with smoke, my little boy kept crawling around and making a trail of fudgy mess, my carpets were "ruined" the laundry was buzzing and Mark was going to be home shortly (I thought). I thanked the Lord for my little child...but was overwhelmed at the amount of work he had just created for me. I needed to do so much to prepare for the next day and my list had just increased dramatically. I continued asking the Lord to allow me to enjoy this moment...but my blood pressure was rising as I continued thinking of my "to do list".
Needless to say, Mark came home late to a somewhat burned dinner and a wife who was lying on the couch exhausted and slightly frazzled! We laughed about the incident, but Mark knew that I was very concerned about my responsibilities for the next day. However, God worked it out and a few voice students had to change their lessons so I was able to scrub the floors and treat the carpets during Titus' nap on Tuesday. My faith was stretched and my heart was knit closer to my wonderful and curious little man. Needless to say, the fudge rounds found themselves on a nice high shelf in the pantry and Titus' clothes...well let's just say I was glad they were thrift store finds:)
The pic doesn't do justice to what he really looked like. His socks were saturated with brown mess and every time I moved he followed me and smeared more mess along the way. I kept thinking of Kris Birkholz' post about her bean plant being trampled and her husband reminding her that it was just a plant...it was just a carpet and a few clothes...but I will never be able to look at another box of fudge rounds without thinking of God's bountiful and fudgy blessing to me!


Beth and Jason said...

Great story Anne! You had me laughing and crying all at once. I def know how big of a mess one, two, three little blessings can create! It's so hard to forget the "to do" list and get down on the floor and play! This weekend when we went to Northwoods Leola looked at me and said, "you have fun with them. they'll be gone and you'll cry every single day!" I was thankful for the reminder from a 90+ yr. old lady who is always such a blessing to me.

journeyer said...

Thanks for sharing this story Anne. I hope that I can learn from all you momma's out there now.

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