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7 Months

Sitting by himself (the straight leg thing looks odd,
but he refuses to pull his legs in close to his body!)

Titus is growing up so quickly. He has truly been such a joy to share these last 7 months with and I cherish each day God so graciously gives me with him. Titus got his first 2 teeth this month and has started sitting and playing by himself. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and still does not like to be tickled. He smiles all the time, but will only laugh on very rare occasions. His boo boo has healed up and now I am just trying to keep the scar to a minimum...but he will have that scar for many many years to come! He still loves to sleep and is beginning to figure out how to handle a sippy cup as well as eat those little puffy snacks by himself. He would prefer me to just stick them in his mouth, but I refuse to do it for him...what is the point of having those snacks if you have to sit there and feed your child each puff?
My sister's wedding was last weekend. It was such a great time together and we shared some great memories. She is living proof that weddings do not have to be frilly and stressful to be absolutely beautiful and unique. She had no decorations except the flowers and some amazing music...but it was so elegant and formal. I'll post pics after I get some from my dad. My camera batteries fizzled out the first day I was there, so I didn't get any pics the whole weekend.
Mark and I are done with our traveling for the rest of the summer. I may make a trip or 2 to DC, but we are looking forward to a summer of reading (Mark is taking 6 credits this summer), relaxing, and killing squirrels because they keep digging up my garden...but that story is for another post...Until then


uncpdeb said...

I hope we get to hang out some time soon. I'm glad the wedding was a fun trip for you. Your son is GORGEOUS! You should get him to start earning his keep around there...he could easily be a baby model. :-) ha ha
take care
Deb C

Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Yeah for Titus! Isn't it fun to watch them sit up and be able to play on their own? We haven't had any squirrel problems yet in the garden, but if we do, I may have to sit out there with a shotgun. Can't you just see it now?????

Tad and Hannah said...

Hey guys!
Titus sure is getting big! :o)
Hope your stitches are healing up alright! Glad you had a good time with family at the wedding!
Mark, Tad would like to congratulate you for defending the garden! :o)
Hope all is well!

WILD GHESE said...

did I miss something? are you preggo, too?

Becca said...

Hey Anne:
We were excited to hear your Aunt liked the DVD! We have internet this week so we will be more available for communication, which will be nice. Thanks for the heads up! That was definitely encouraging.

WILD GHESE said...

so are we!

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