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My second try at this blog thing

I have never considered myself a computer wiz or anything, but this blog thing has got me dumbfounded. I hope people don't really expect me to find time to figure this thing out on my own...I just finally figured out how to post a new post since my first one back in June so here goes all my catching up. I'm loving marriage, I work at a vet's office, Mark works for FedEx and just finished his first year of seminary, we are having a boy name Titus in November and my Hallway finally got painted!! Hope everyone is doing well even though no one has looked at our blog to encourage our endeavors in this new world of blogging.

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The Horaks said...

Anne! I'm so excited that you started a blog! Melissa Mauldin told me towards the end of last semester that she had heard you were pregnant (I know, news travels very quickly through the Northland grapevine)! So happy for you! Titus is such a great name! :) And you are a fabulous-looking pregnant lady! ;) O yeah, and I really like the wedding picture too. Very pretty! Okay, I think I rambled on long enough! Heehee! So good to catch up with you in the blogosphere! :)

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